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PSG Wealth offers investors a simple range of investment products which can be tailored to suite an individuals particular needs.

At the heart of the PSG Wealth range of products is our Core Range of Unit Trusts. These funds provide investors a safe, simple range of investment products which can be blended together to achieve the investor's specific objectives via a range of investment vehicles. The Core Range of funds includes both local and international funds.

For investors and advisers alike who wish to rely on a professional multi-manager to perform the important functions of manager selection and asset allocation, the PSG Multi-Management Solutions are the perfect solution.

PSG Wealth's Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) provides investment advisers with access not only to the PSG Wealth range of funds, but also to a select group of funds from other Management Companies, providing a wider selection of investment choices.

PSG Wealth provides the full range of retirement products for both those saving for retirement via a PSG Wealth Retirement Annuity, preserving their capital via the PSG Wealth Preservation Pension Fund or Preservation Provident Fund, providing for their retirement income via a PSG Wealth Equity Linked Living Annuity.

Investors are ever-increasingly being granted leave to invest more of their assets offshore. The benefits of diversifying investment and retirement portfolios beyond the borders of South Africa are many, but so too can be the risks if not done correctly. PSG Wealth has a range of Offshore Products which are available across a number of currencies, asset classes, countries and regions to provide for the needs of investors both here in South Africa and abroad.

PSG Asset Management has a close association with specialist hedge-fund managers PSG Absolute Investments. If you would like any information regarding their products.

For any other information regarding the PSG Wealth range of investment products, please contact us.