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The PSG Investment Planning Tool

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With a myriad of investment products to choose from, one of the biggest challenges to financial advisers, brokers and clients alike is deciding which investment products to allocate money to and in what proportion.

Trying to meet this challenge in an environment which is becoming ever more regulated and demanding from a compliance perspective has placed growing pressure on financial advisers to ensure that their methodology, reporting and systems comply with both the legislative demands and best practice in the industry.

Meeting this challenge in an empirical way has become a priority for both adviser and client.

Recognising these challenges some time ago, PSG Asset Management set out to develop an Investment Planning Tool which would meet the needs of filling the gap between the financial adviser and the asset manager.

We have developed an on-line investment planning tool called thePlan which assists financial advisers with a compliant process for achieving a unit trust based solution for their client's financial goals. Broadly, the system consists of a suite of useful basic stand-alone tools for everyday work as well as a full planning process consisting of a thorough investigation of the client's financial status, a risk profiling process, goal analysis tool, fund blender and finally a detailed proposal.

thePlan is online at www.theplan.co.za

If you are a financial planner who specialises in investment planning and would like any more information regarding thePlan and how it can help you, please contact Mark Cliff for a trial log-in and further information.

Regulation 28 Calculator

The attached calculator is to assist the investor and adviser to determine if the Portfolio in which they wish to invest will comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

Capital Gains Calculator

The attached Capital Gains Calculator is designed to assist investors in calculating potential capital gain or loss when disposing of units.